If you like Sunday roasts, you will love ours!
Christmas came all year round at Jenkos - Homemade dinners made from our locally 
sourced meats. Our sunday dinner offers all the trimmings.
We offer four meats, Beef, pork, chicken and gammon.
Roast potatoes , mash, dauphinoise potatoes,  cauliflower cheese,  
yorkshire puddings, garlic mushrooms, pigs in blankets, honey roasted parsnips, 
peas, carrots, broccoli, sweetcorn, creamy cabbage and bacon, 
roasted vegetable mezze. Occasionally, if you come in the right time...
Pork scratchings!
 Eat as much as you like for £13.95 (this is eat as much as you like while you're in Jenkos, you can't take leftover food home)
You can order a "takeaway" meal for £10 which will be made by our takeaway master.

Too Full? We offer "CAKEAWAY" on our delish desserts so you don't miss out on the 
We know that sometimes leaving the house on a sunday can be a challenge in itself, 
so we offer a delivery service TO YOUR FRONT DOOR with lots of sunday deliciousness in a tray for you to devour in the comfort of your own home. This is £10 a
 dinner & £3 for delivery. Thank us later!